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Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw BV is an international operating company, specialized in provided turn-key piping projects

These project consist of (3-D) engineering, production and outfitting of piping systems. The following markets are served:  Shipbuilding, Mega-Yacht building, Gas- and diesel engines, Gearboxes, Power-, Waste water treatment- and other industries.

Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw in addition, is active in the field of repairs and conversions of (shipboard) piping installations. Flexibility and fast lead times can provide solutions on short notice for modifications to piping systems.

The company operates informal and flexible. The employees have a “hands on” mentality, which they are proud of in this specific area of The Netherlands.

Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw has an in-house team of designers and engineers, a large production facility of over 4000 m2, various site teams and an experienced staff, supplying project and logistics support to the various locations.


  • Turn-key projects; ships engine rooms and cargo handling installations
  • Engineering of piping systems
  • Production of piping
  • Installation of piping systems
  • Repairs- / conversions of piping systems
  • Alignment of rotating equipment and pumps
  • Delivery of  equipment and piping (packages)
  • Commissioning


Using the organisations wide knowledge, due to the in-house engineering department, multiple fields of operation are served;

  • Shipbuilding
  • Luxury Yacht building (30+ meter)
  • Gas & Oil industry
  • Equipment industry: Gas- and diesel engines, Gearbox- and Unit builders
  • Power industry
  • Process industry
  • Process water industry


Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw believes in Co-Makership, in which each party involved in the process of shipbuilding aims at the same result; The best ship at the most competitive price level.


As of 2012, Wolfard & Wessels werktuigbouw BV is ISO 9001:2008 certified


Wolfard en Wessels Werktuigbouw

Wolfard en Wessels Werktuigbouw

Wolfard en Wessels Werktuigbouw